New Eras Media - 9233 Sungold Way, Sacramento, CA 95826


With over a decade of training experience as instructors at CSU Sacramento and with Web development experience directly and as contractors for major firms such as Intel, Apple, and SAFE Credit Union, we can help your team stay on top of the latest technologies. We offer the following and other classes:


Stay abreast of the latest technologies, including HTML5 which allows you to have a dynamic and modern web presence.


Style your web pages with the modern techniques.

Mobile Development

Learn to reach todays audience and their variety of mobile devices. These classes can be taught using HTML5/CSS3, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Sencha, or Xamarin.


Learn Python and other modern Web languages.

Online Marketing

The first step is getting your web presence, the second step is getting it noticed! The marketing team at New Eras Media specializes in new media promotion. We will help your team reach the world's audience. We teach Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Amazon Business, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a necessary component. We were there from the start and can help your team communicate and relate with your fans, resulting in long term beneficial relationships.

Agile Development

Learn Agile development and SCRUM.

Globalization and Localization

Reach the entire world with training in Globalization and Localization, speaking in terms, currency, and figures each audience understands.

Logic Pro X

Learn sound design with Apple's Logic Pro X.

Video Editing

Learn video development so you can reach your audience via channels such as Vimeo and YouTube!