New Eras Media - 9233 Sungold Way, Sacramento, CA 95826

Digital Media Presentations

At New Eras Media our design team creates dynamic interactive presentations using the latest authoring tools and expert graphic design. With our presentations our goal is to create your vision.

Web Development

Our team of web developers can take your project from inception to completion. We work with you to develop your requirements and design your site to turn your vision into reality.

SEO and Web Marketing

You need a great site, but more important is that the world knows you have a great site and comes to visit that site. It's a competitive world out there. We can help.

E-commerce Development

If your site needs a secure and reliable way to handle money we can help. New Eras Media's e-commerce team will work with you to develop the most appropriate e-commerce system for your situation your needs are met.

Web Marketing and Promotion

The first step is getting your web presence, the second step is getting it noticed. The marketing team at New Eras Media specializes in new media promotion. We will develop a marketing strategy that complements you business and expresses your vision.

Training/Training Programs

At New Eras Media we have years of training experience in both the classroom and corporate setting. We can develop new programs or adapt existing programs to your new needs. We can also create a custom intranet, extranet, or Internet training system for your organization.

Database Development

New Eras Media is experienced in modern database design using popular database tools such as: Microsoft SQL Server 2003, Oracle and MySQL among others. We analyze your data needs and design your database system that fits your situation using the technology you need.


Our development team has expertise in all major programming languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CFML, PHP, and XML. Whatever your project's requirements demand New Eras Media will develop the perfect solution.

Intranet or Extranet Development

If your company needs an effective intranet or extranet New Eras Media can deliver. We will work with your company to design an effective intranet or extranet system that is inline with your branding and values.

Content Management Systems

It is not enough to have a professional looking website, you now need to maintain it. With the right content management system (CMS), your company can effortlessly maintain its website without the need to have costly maintenance contracts. You decide what is to be posted and who posts it. With a New Eras Media CMS solution you no longer have to work on your website, you work with it.